Download Verizon Ringback Tones for your Cell Phone.

What are ringback tones?

Verizon Ringback Tones

Funny enough, Verizon Wireless was the first US cell phone provider to launch ringback tones -- other companies then followed and gave ringback tones their own nicknames. Verizon Ringback Tones, from what I've heard, have the largest selection in music and songs. Verizon seems to always be on the fore front of new wireless technology (aside from the iphone.) I've noticed more and more friends and family using verizon ringback tones on their cell phone lines. To get verizon ringback tones you can set them up directly with the Verizon service or use one of the third party ringtone providers I've listed at the bottom of the page.

Verizon Ringback Tones

Downloading Music Ringtones to Your Phone

You can download ringtones directly from Verizon or from one of the popular third party ringtone and ringback providers below. Verizon offers the most diverse collection of ringback tones from what I've heard but these other places are always competing and trying to keep up.